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7, Jan, 2015

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The forums are down (maybe indefinitely)

6, Jan, 2015

I’ve maintained the Screaming Electron forums for years because it’s still getting traffic on the howtos and other useful information. It’s still up in the ranks for a lot of BSD related searches.

The vBulletin license hasn’t been renewed in years and didn’t seem like it was worth hundreds to maintain an archive. The problem is that I’ve been updating my hosting VMs and depreciation has caught up to me again. I’m not sure I’ll be able to bridge the gap of recent software versus old code again.

I’ll try to see if I can get a static copy of the archives and put them up here but I’ll leave this page up in the mean time.

The community that was built here means a lot to me and has taught me so much. I know it’s helped a lot of other people over the years as well. There will be an effort made to get the info store here back online in a usable fashion.

Dale “Strog” Shrauger

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