October 14th, 2003, 18:58
I did not think i'd have very many problems setting up my FreeBSD desktop here this past day, but boy, it sure has turned into quite a battle.

Not really sure what has been going on, but then again, I have not been able to fully sit down and work on it. I've been tweaking with it when I have some spare time at work, but no luck so far.

I've been trying to get fluxbox up and running and so far, I have been able to . What i've been working on now, is trying to get a browser setup.

I tried mozilla-firebird, but that was not working. I figured I would install Mozilla, so at least I could get a browser up so I could use my desktop.

Well, after a quick trip to the ports and make and make install, I cant launch the mozilla browser either. I get cannot open GTK warning message...

Sooooo...any recommended sites? books? Docs that I can consult to get this up and running?

I'm looking forward to working with this. Not sure what it is, but this time around, I really can feel just how good *BSD is. Never really felt it before, but I do now. :)


October 14th, 2003, 19:49
I cant even get mozilla or netscape to install correctly! :(

Man...wth is going on...not my day? :

October 14th, 2003, 20:29
What version of Netscape are you trying to install?

October 14th, 2003, 20:44
Going to try a few different things here. But I think, I may have been tracking the wrong tree. :lol:

Doom on me...hehehe


October 15th, 2003, 18:08
Ok...I feel like im getting closer, but still no dice, yet.

What I did was deinstall mozilla.
Then I went through the process of installing mozilla and java (downloaded all of the tarballs and placed them into /usr/ports/distfiles)

After mozilla seemed to have been built correctly, I ran fluxbox-generate-menu, fired up fluxbox and there was mozilla, sitting in the menu.

I tried to start mozilla, but no luck. If I try and manually start it, I get the following message:

[code:1:1a310bab04]No running window found.[/code:1:1a310bab04]

I get that, when I type:


Not sure what else im missing.

Any suggestions?



October 15th, 2003, 18:31
I am sooo close here, but cant seem to get it right.

Any suggestions on what im missing?

I can feel it. Im so close.

Once I get this up and running just the way I like it, I can finally ditch my Windows computer. (Shhh! Dont tell anyone.)


October 15th, 2003, 19:38
Ok...scr3w it. Change of plan here.

I'm going to put OpenBSD 3.3 on this particular machine and set it up to by me desktop. I received a second machine today, that im going to put FreeBSD on and setup samba as well as another desktop.

AND THEN, I may have a third machine that I may put NetBSD on, that way, I can have all my toys in one place.

I honestly feel that if I totally emerge myself in *BSD, it will force me to learn much faster and force me to become better at what I do...

Thats the plan for now.

In the mean time, this is what im going to do with the OpenBSD box:

Obviously patch it, grab the ports, src and sys stuff.
Then, i'd like to get a WM up: either Fluxbox or PekWM.
THEN, install Mozilla, which will most likely require me to ask a few questions since I had zero luck doing on my last machine.

Thats where I stand!