October 16th, 2003, 16:04
Hey everyone. I just installed 3.4 snapshot on my computer at work.
This is my first shot at using a snapshot and was hoping to get some pointers and suggestions here.

I decided to go with 3.4 for a couple of reasons, the main two being that the binary is chaning to ELF and Mozilla is supposed to work with 3.4.

Just wanted to get suggestions for ports, source tree and setting up X.

I appreciate it.


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October 16th, 2003, 17:21
What kind of suggestions are you looking for? As for setting up X., i used xf86cfg -textmode after some of the guys in #screamingelectron mentioned the -textmode flag

October 16th, 2003, 18:16
Basically, since this is my first gig with a snapshot, what would be the recommended method to get started with ports and the source tree?

Where to d/l and such.

Just a bit of background would be great.


October 16th, 2003, 19:03

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October 16th, 2003, 19:17
I prefer cvsup, stick it as a cronjob :)

CVSup servers: http://openbsd.org/cvsup.html#CVSROOT

How to use CVSup (http://openbsd.org/cvsup.html)

i'd read up on the ports page as well. http://openbsd.org/ports.html there are a few nice pointers around.

pkg_add with ftp sites is pretty useful to, makes for a fast install.
FTP server list (http://openbsd.org/ftp.html)

mirror.ac.uk is a good place for uk downloads

October 16th, 2003, 19:55
Thanks guys.

I was using cvsup with FreeBSD and liked it.

I guess one thing I was curious about, regarding cvs is, is there anything different when using cvs on a snapshot?

Or do I just go about the same thing?


October 16th, 2003, 20:11
No difference, really. Just consider it installing a -current system, with all the joys that only -curernt can bring.

Be sure to read/join the appropriate mailing lists and newgroups.

October 16th, 2003, 20:37
Will do.

I'm using just anoncvs right now. I tried to install cvsup via ports, and it seemed to go, but it did not create the normal ports-supfile and standard stuff as well.

No worries. I'll just five the current src and ports a go. :)


October 17th, 2003, 13:05
CVS question:

I was reading up on the anonCVS and seemed to be able to get my src and ports tree.

I wanted to play around with it a bit more, so I decided I wanted to 'freshen up' my src and ports tree.

However, when I executed this command for both src and ports, I received this. Not sure what it is:

[code:1:06261232ce]cvs checkout: ignoring CVS/Root because it specifies a non-existent repository /cvs
cvs checkout: in directory ports/audio/xcdplayer:

non-existent repository /cvs

I did: export CVSROOT=anoncvs@anoncvs1.usa.openbsd.org:/cvs

But im wondering if the cvs server I specified, is not one I should be?

Any ideas?



October 18th, 2003, 14:06
what command did you use?