October 20th, 2003, 21:18
2 questions,
1) Im told that ext2 and ext3 are backwards compatable... so why do I get errors when trying to mount ext3 drives? this was from a while ago, so I dont have exact errors, and hence dont expect much, just seeing if it wasnt something generic.

2) Is anyone using UFS2? with what sort of outcomes?

October 20th, 2003, 21:48
Possibly because the ext2 layer in FreeBSD doesn't know what to do with the journal on an ext3 FS.

UFS2 is fine ... can't see any visible difference in use.

From the little UFS2 FAQ -

Short summary of changes:

[list=1:0dbcde110d]64-bit pointers up the wazoo (implies that inodes have doubled in size, and now are 256 bytes)
Layout and functional changes to help support variable-size blocks (extent-like allocation)
Extension of various flag fields
Addition of per-inode extended attribute extent
Lazy inode initialization (watch newfs(8) fly)[/list:o:0dbcde110d]

October 20th, 2003, 21:55
been running UFS2 since it's birth in 5.0 and have no complaints...

October 20th, 2003, 23:03
Groovy. Thanks...

If anyone knows a workaround for the ext3, that would be cool, but its not really needed. Ill take a look at it some time when im bored, use and abuse google :)