October 26th, 2003, 18:11
hello. i recently acquired an old compaq professional workstation 6000, and ive been having a heck ofa time trying to put anyhting on it. its a...:

dual 300Mhz p2
256MB ram
onboard scsi/nic/audio/usb
16x cdrom
tape drive
9.1GB wd hd

i was trying to make this a server/toy machine, and prefer to have fbsd on it. when i first started the install, everyhting started to look ok, was able to boot from cd, format the disk, etc. but once it got past the formating of the disk, it started to try to install, followed by a message that "the cd in the cdrom appears to be an audio cd, check media" went thru the install process again and same error message at the same point :? i figure, its an old cd drive, maybe its having a hard time reading the cdr disc, so i try for an ftp/network install. setup the nic with a static address, 'ok'...then it just sat there 'looking up host ftp...' so now im thinking, welp, guess id better go get a new cdrom and nic...

next day, install new hardware, same errors. then think maybe its the cd, so i d/l a new iso of 5.1 (other disc was 4.8). same error w/ the new cdrom, but this time when tried a ftp isntall, it looked like it was going to do it, but kept crapping out w/ read/write errors, etc...would start downloading some chunks, then give a funky error :?

also tried installing different linuxes...some of them seemed to install ok, but still had some problems setting up the nic. but id much rather use fbsd if at all possible. ...oh, was also able to install win2k w/o a problem (didnt check the nic though...had just installed it when i first brought the machine home in order to make sure it works, and to get a device list :oops: :P )

so if anyone has help/experience w/ a old compaq professional workstation 6000, id appreciate it :D :wink:

tia :)