October 27th, 2003, 02:04
My server currently is 2 HD's. I am changing over to one HD pretty quickly. Here is my scenario:

On the current drive, the 2nd drive is mounted as /data. I want to copy all the contents of /data into ~/pete. I want to make the permission of the whole mess 755. Maybe I dont want to cp it to ~/pete. I want the other machines here to be able to mount on their machines, as NFS I assume, or is there another option? It is currently a SMB mount but I dont have any Windows machines anymore :) . Either way, it needs to go on the /usr slice. Maybe I can just create a dir in /usr to stick it in.
Does this sound like the way to go? If so, how do I mount it in fstab on the other machines?

October 29th, 2003, 01:54
Sounds like you are wanting to do what I did. I made one of my machines the "server" and created a dir, /usr/server. Ran sysinstall and under networking I checked the box for NFS server or you can edit the rc.conf but I don't remember the line for NFS server enabling off the top of my head. Have to edit the /etc/exports file and add a line: /usr/server (client machine name or ip). Once the /etc/exports is edited correctly you can reboot or manually start: portmap, nfsiod -n 4, and mountd. On the other machines they have be enabled for NFS client, which I assume is already done? I think on OpenBSD client all I had to do was start mountd but on FreeBSD clients I had to start nfsiod -n 4 and mountd. After all that is setup you should be able to type on a client: #mount (server machine name or ip):/usr/server /usr/(client mountdir)

If you want to enable it at boot just add a line in fstab matching the others except that the dir line should be (machine name):/usr/server

I can copy in some of what I did when I get home to look at it.