October 21st, 2002, 15:04
Morning everyone.

Just a real quick question on FreeBSD ports.
I've been playing around with ports lately and its pretty fun. I've been reading the FreeBSD handbook that is online at www.freebsd.org.

My question is, when you want to install a package via the ports tree, the handbook says all you need to do to get the port is issue:

make install

Is that all you pretty much need to enter to get a package from the ports tree?
Or is there more to it (possible better commands?) than just make install?

Thanks for clearing that up for me.


October 21st, 2002, 15:54
I personally like make install clean in FreeBSD.

The clean does exactly what it says, it cleans the source and all of the compile work fom the computer once the package is installed, if you have space restrictions in /usr then check out clean.

In OBSD you can also issue the following for example:

keyboard# cd /usr/port/www/php4

keyboard# make show VARNAME=FLAVORS
gdbm gettext imap ldap mhash mm recode snmp gd no_x11 pdflib mcrypt curl dbase filepro mysql mysql_bundled postgresql iodbc

keyboard# env FLAVORS="gd no_x11 mysql" make install

I'm not sure that this works in FreeBSD though, try it let me know. Another thing you can do is use the pkg_add command in FreeBSD,


#pkg_add -r <pkgname>


Should fetch a precompiled binary automagically from the FreeBSD ftp site.

October 21st, 2002, 21:06
[code:1:fa3f6a04bf]pkg_add -r <pkgname>[/code:1:fa3f6a04bf]

You can actually issue this command while in the ports free in FreeBSD?

Thats pretty nice. And the -r command will fetch the already compiled binary?

Very nice indeed.


October 21st, 2002, 23:00
Yup the -r fetches the precompiled binary.

Actually, the pkg_add -r command has nothing to do with the ports, don't even need them to do it! You can pkg_add -r anywhere at anytime. (as long as you've got a net connection for the downloads of course.) :D The REALLY nice thing about it is that it will also pkg_add any dependancy for you as well automagically. Very cool if you just want to get going and not have to compile a whole bunch of stuff. Great for getting that slower BSD box going.

Just thought I'd let you know of a great port to get you started with cvsup.


When you make this port, it installs all you need to use cvs and then runs you through a nice setup, by asking you what you want to cvsup and then setting it all up for you. It can be used to easily set cvsup to follow the freebsd source tree, or you can just use it to easily setup cvsup for updating your ports tree.

Give it a try, a nice way to start into the world of cvsup.

Hope it helps...


October 22nd, 2002, 18:31
I find CVS very intriguing. I recently installed the port cvs-without-gui. Pretty straight forward. However, next time around, I am going to try the pkg_add -r <file> command to see how that works.


I am very curious and would very much like to learn how to use CVS. For the time being, i'm more concerned with learning how to use it to keep my source tree up to date.

Besides keeping my source tree up to date, at this time, is there anything else I might want to use CVS for?

Besides the pocket reference book from O'Reilly, any other good documentation (Besides the MAN page) to help a n00bie out with CVS?

Thanks again guys.


PS. My next topic is on X. Cant seem to get it working :(