August 7th, 2002, 06:39
I want to remove the -pipe option from the recompile of my 4.6-release kernel.

The machine I am compiling it on has about 10mb of swap and about 16mb of ram, so instead of -pipe I would like gcc to simply use disk space.

The problem is I remove the -pipe option in the Makefile of my configed kernel which is called Oisin /usr/src/sys/compile/Oisin/Makefile
and add -mpentium (so I am compiling specifically for the machine's arch), but when later on the compile comes to making the kernel modules I notice that it is using the -pipe option, which is bad because my system runs out of swap space and kills my compile.

Thus what I really want to know is how or where can I change the compiler options (ie some Makefile somewhere) such that I can remove the -pipe option or for example add the -mpentium option when building kernel modules as the make file in kernelname/compile does not seem to affect the kernel modules?

Thanks Wintermute.

August 7th, 2002, 09:30
This is interesting, you can't compile a kernel because you run out of memory and yet you need to compile a kernel because you don;t have much memory. Hmmmm.......... I have a couple of 4.6 boxes, I can offer you two options.

1. FreeBSD used to keep several modified kernels on their ftp site, I believe one of them might suit you. However, I'm not sure if they still have them there or not. I know OpenBSD still has several kernels.

2. You can send me your kernel config file and I can compile it for you and place it on an ftp server for you to get.

I'm sure there are some options that you can pass to gcc to prevent the -pipe option, I'm just not sure what they are. I will check around and post what I find. Give me a day or two.