November 17th, 2003, 10:52
Has anyone heard of a plan to offer Open Office as a binary for 4.9? The binary is big enough that it takes me at least a week to get it (an hour here and there) since I have to nurse the connection. The sources are just too big, and the liklihood of a failed build is very high, from what I've read. When I got the CD set of packages, OO.o was missing.

That and other large packages like Mozilla -- should I simply plan to start using the Linux binaries? It seems no one's building stuff for us, beyond the initial package set for a release. Mozilla on the CDs is approaching out-of-date by the time I get them. For some things there are newer builds that only work if I constantly upgrade the system. That's just not workable for me.

It's not like I want BSD to change to meet my personal needs, I just want to know if anyone is working on a native binary I can use.


November 17th, 2003, 12:38
http://projects.imp.ch/openoffice/ try the 4.x package. You can also 'pkg_add -r mozilla' which will download and properly install mozilla for you, dependencies and all.

November 17th, 2003, 17:55
Thanks, socomm! That's a lifesaver on OO.o. As for Mozilla -- be patient with me, now -- would that command get me the newest version? Actually, I'm waiting for 1.6 because it has a fix that affects viewing several sites I visit these days.


November 17th, 2003, 20:04
Has anyone heard of a plan to offer Open Office as a binary for 4.9?
Says Daemonnews re the new 4.9 CD set ...

Disc 4 is also all-new, featuring the newly minted "Office Applications
for FreeBSD" collection. A sequel to the highly successful "Office
Applications for Mac OS X," this powerful set includes the OpenOffice.org
application suite, GIMP photo editing, and hundreds more office
productivity applications to make your FreeBSD workstation your personal