December 5th, 2003, 20:02
Any tips for setting this up?

I gave it a quick test on my testlab firewall/router at work since it is a rather unimportant machine in the grand scheme of things.

I installed the package, built the database with the aide.conf that comes with the package, built the database, added a new user, and ran a check. Everything went fine.

Can anyone who is more familiar with it make some suggestions on what I should have in my aide.conf file? or is the obsd default fine. The box i want to eventually implment this on is running as a nat/firewall/router.

I also want to run it daily with the usual daily in/out report. I read the mans and looked at the script and I think putting /usr/local/bin/aide --check -c /etc/aide.conf in /etc/daily.local will get the job done, am I right about that? My bash scripting isn't that great. I noticed that daily wasn't executable and was called by cron as a argument to /bin/sh. Do I have to chmod my daily.local to be executable? Local calles it with . /etc/daily.local, I have no idea what that . in there does.