December 17th, 2003, 17:17
Is anyone aware of any solutions for playing wma streams or files on freebsd? I tried netshow and that was a no go. Any other suggestions?

December 17th, 2003, 17:31
All right disregard, mplayer plays wma files. I googled the hell out of that question and got nothing but old mailing list questions regarding variations of my question. I then tried bsdforums and there it was. Obviously up to this point I haven't been an mplayer user.

December 17th, 2003, 17:37
mplayer rocks.. it can handle almost any video format.

December 17th, 2003, 18:13
Mplayer definitely rocks the house. Don't forget the mplayer-plugin for Mozilla/Firebird/etc. I remember when I installed that and went to watch all the quicktime trailers at I'd hate to be without mplayer.

There is mplayer for OS X now too. Mmmmm 8)

December 17th, 2003, 21:33
Thanks Strog I will look that up. I do use firebird and I have it just asking me what to use. I didn't default it as I suspected (and you confirmed) there was an easier way.
In this case I'm using it (mplayer) for an audio stream. The way i'm using it just plays in the background with no gui to pause or stop the audio. I tried using gmplayer and it still played in the background. But maybe the plug-in will take care of that.
Thanks again for the input.