February 6th, 2004, 13:28
Being the major geek that I am, I couldn't stand owning a TiVo and not being able to muck around inside of it, so I bought the TurboNET ethernet card and installed it. Streaming video from the TiVo works well enough, but the bandwidth requirement is so great that my wee little cable modem has not a prayer of streaming over the 'net; until the release of TyStreamer changed all that.

TyStreamer is a PHP application that uses curl, requant, lvemux, and typrocess (TiVo extraction software) to pull the video from the tivo (curl), demux it (typrocess), resize it to whatever bandwidth you specify (requant), and then remux it (lvemux). All of this with a handy-dandy web interface!

Now, after many a skipped class and sleepless night, I have everything working; except the video doesn't stream. When a stream link is clicked in the browser, the browser tries to download the video instead of streaming it. I have changed MIME codes for the header of the stream a ton of times and just can't seem to hit on the correct answer. I think what I'm going for is called "one-click streaming" but I'm not positive.

Anyway, the rundown of software is thus:
Redhat 9.0 + Apache + PHP

Anyone have any suggestions? The file format that is being sent is an mpeg-1 video.