February 18th, 2004, 17:05
I've just installed FreeBSD 5.2 on a Dell latitude x200 and the whole thing went without a hitch. That is untill I restarted. The bootloader comes up with
F1 ??
F2 FreeBSD
and all that jazz, where ?? is the DELL partition that comes with the computer(felt uncertain as to wether or not I'd need it later). BUT, the only button it will let me press is f1. All other buttons makes it beep and nothing else. I rebooted the install CD and went to configure->fdisk and quit without changing and set it to use bootloader again and quit; nothing happened. I figured it didn't do anything because really nothing changed, so I went back and deleted the Dell slice, and set it to just overwrite the MBR. Go to exit install, and nothings changed. It won't commit. Any ideas?

Also, I noticed when I started the label editor by mistake that it says all the partitions have no mount-points, but I figure this is just the default behavior, since it couldn't have installed without them.....

February 19th, 2004, 18:09
Alright! I got it working, thanks to partition magic.
I booted partition magic 8 and it immediately came up with a warning saying that and LBA entry did not match the corresponding CHS entry, and that it knew for certain the LBA was right, would I like it to fix it?

After this booting worked fine.

Now just all the rest of it...... :shock: