February 19th, 2004, 09:05
I have recompiled the kernel for sound a number of times. This is the first timeI have recieved this error:

devices with zero units are not likely to be correct

when adding the line:

device pcm

Now if I change it for fun to pcm0 it takes it and then indicates the same error for pci/isa

Strangely enough generic does not compile either comes up with the same error. This is 5.2.1 RC2. Shall I just wait for the final version?


February 19th, 2004, 10:33
Im seeing other simialr problems on google. Looks like they all say to use device hints

February 22nd, 2004, 22:36
I ended up giving up on the recompile to add sound for now. If it's not working i'm thinking it will be resolved in the final rev. I used:


In the /boot/loader.conf

Works like a charm.