February 25th, 2004, 01:54
Without a rhyme or reason, my install of Firefox will cease to resolve some domains and just sit on the "resolving" screen. This problem does not extend to ping or to other network applications. Konqueror works, no problems. Any guesses?

hugh nicks
February 25th, 2004, 01:56
I had the same thig happen to me. I couldn't figure it out.

I resorted to:


hugh nicks
March 14th, 2004, 16:31
Hey Atlas,

are you still experiencing the same resolve problem with firefox? i'm curious because i still haven't been able to find anything that could resemble a solution yet :?


March 14th, 2004, 21:25
Have you guys considered submitting a bug report. It would seem that it is not an issolated incident.

Either submit a bug report, or join the firefox mailing list and perhaps someone could lend a hand there.

Just some thoughts.

March 15th, 2004, 13:54
I took the highly technical route of using Konqueror instead. I would prefer to be using Firefox just because of the large number of plugins I finally got working. I just got back from vacation, so I might throw a few extra cycles at solving this problem. I'll keep you posted if I find anything.

March 15th, 2004, 14:05
Here are a few things I came across while searching mozillazine and mailing lists:

Someone using Linux; 2.6 kernel causes DNS time-outs or slow-downs, but 2.4 is A-OK:

Someone on FreeBSD 5.2 experiencing the same problem:

And finally, the bug-report registered with Mozilla: