March 5th, 2004, 02:23
I'm having the most annoying problem ever. In a Virtual Console, the keymap seems very messed up. Alt is not anything, but Esc is Esc and Alt, the F keys don't work, delete is backspace, the Caps doesn't work, and when I hold down the left or right arrow, it only moves one space instead of continuing to move to either side.

In X, the only issue I seem to have is the delete key showing a ~, but that's probably because of my TERM. *shrug*

All the gettys are set to cons25 in the tty conf, and using tcsh. The X terminal I use (Eterm) defaults to TERM Eterm.

In sysinstall, the keymap is set to US Ctrl -> Caps. Might have missed something, but...oh well.