March 15th, 2004, 18:02
I was noticing that portupgrade was having some issues on a box that hadn't been upgraded in a while. I found some interesting docs on the upgrade from ruby16 to ruby18 for portupgrade on I figured I'd pass this along since it cleared my problems up so nicely.

[2004-02-26] Ruby 1.8 Upgrade and Portupgrade

It looks like the default ruby has finally been upgraded to 1.8 for FreeBSD on i386. More than one person has reported on #kde-freebsd that using portupgrade (which relies on ruby) to effect this upgrade on ruby has resulted in "strange things happening". So it looks like it would be best to follow the maintainer's advice:

If you...want to keep ruby 1.6 as default, please add RUBY_DEFAULT_VER=1.6 to /etc/make.conf. Otherwise, please run the following series of commands to migrate to ruby 1.8:

* Reinstall portupgrade manually (and ruby 1.8 will be installed)
pkg_delete portupgrade-\*
cd /usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade; make install clean

* Reinstall everything that depends on ruby 1.6 (to use ruby 1.8)
portupgrade -fr lang/ruby16

* Reinstall ruby 1.8 (because the previous step kills symlinks)
portupgrade -f lang/ruby18

* Deinstall ruby 1.6 stuff (if you are paranoi[d])
pkg_deinstall -ri lang/ruby16

March 16th, 2004, 09:51
indeed that drove me nutz for a bit..

took me no time at all to figure out to delete portupgrade and ruby.. and did the 'ol pkg_add -r portupgrade but slacked on updating those 2 ports in fear.. thanks for the heads up.. that method worked great..