March 21st, 2004, 18:04
Hello all!

I was looking for help for how to install wine. What do I do after I install the port? I tried to follow the instructions at WineHQ and any readme files and I can not seem to use any configuring methods.

It is all very confusing. I must be missing something obvious (well not to me...).

Thank you in advance...


Btw, I am using FreeBSD 5.2 and KDE 3.1

March 21st, 2004, 20:27
You need a wine config ( file. Place the file under .wine, if there aint one mkdir one. After you've configured everything as it should be, run `wine app.exe' should work after that.

March 21st, 2004, 22:01
the config is the hardest part...

March 22nd, 2004, 00:48
Check Linux-Winetools in ports(/usr/ports/emulators/linux-winetools). It's a graphical app that helps you setup wine.