November 11th, 2002, 15:56
I've seen some new users as of late, I'm pretty happy about that. I have noticed however that some of our new users are entering invalid e-mail addresses. Just so everyone knows, this site requires some legitimate e-mail address. There are two parts to signing up for an account, step one setup your username password and e-mail address, step two, activate the account you signed up for via e-mail. If you can't activate your account then you won't be able to login and thus, post your request or question.

For those of you concerned about giving out your e-mail, I can promise you that I have never nor will I ever give out your e-mail address. I actually never even look at the current user bases e-mail addresses. If this is not enough for you then perhaps you might consider signing up for some free webmail service out on the internet where you can do this from.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.