April 18th, 2004, 08:27

I am Facing problem In my company.my company is into a software business ,few employees are not trustable in my company they try to steal our source code and send it outside using ftp upload or email attachment or uploading to any of the free storage webservers.

Now I would like to stop this ,All the files are .vbs format,I would like to stop all the activities (uploads of this files to any server outside).can anyone suggest me a way to stop this kind of activities...


April 18th, 2004, 09:38
Please do not double post the same question in multiple sections.

You can setup filtering to block this type of files, but I would just fire the employees in question. there should be someting to this nature in the corporate policy to do so.

April 18th, 2004, 10:35
Definatly fire them.

April 18th, 2004, 10:46
I agree with Vlad, time to cut the fat out. Besides even if you filter *.vbs files they can just rename them to .txt, .eml, etc. or they may think of some other way to get them out.

April 18th, 2004, 11:15
There's always a way to send them out.. It should be in your company handbook not to allow this.. if not then they have all the right in the world to do so.. for the most part the only way to stop them is to shut off their internet access... but if you cant trust your employees why keep them?