May 9th, 2004, 22:15
Recently I read this article on undeadly:


The article gives a fairly good review of OpenBSD 3.4 running on the sparc64 platform. As many of you already know, SE is setting up a secondary webserver currently that box is a sunfire v100.

One of the things this article mentions is that MySQL does not function properly on the sparc64 architecture. Has anyone here experienced this first hand? If so, is anyone aware of any workarounds or available fixes to the problem.

I have successfully installed MySQL from the -stable branch of the ports system and our box is currently running 3.5 -stable. I'll be testing it out this week though several people at undeadly also reported problems and reported that there was very little documentation on this. So I'm interested to know what others are doing for this platform.


I'm guessing as well that this is a MySQL problem not a ports issue?.?