June 13th, 2004, 20:18
Anyone having issues with TclX installing from ports? I'm getting this error:

if test ! -d Help ; then mkdir -p Help ; fi
mkdir -p Help/tk
/usr/ports/lang/tclX/work/tclx8.3.5/unix/runtcl /usr/ports/lang/tclX/work/tclx8.3.5/unix/tools/bldmanhelp /usr/ports/lang/tclX/work/tclx8.3.5/unix/tools/tkmanpages Help/tk Tk.brf
Begin preprocessing UCB manual files
preprocessing bell.n tk/control/bell
preprocessing bind.n tk/control/bind
preprocessing bindtags.n tk/control/bindtags
preprocessing bitmap.n tk/images/bitmap
preprocessing button.n tk/widgets/button
preprocessing canvas.n tk/widgets/canvas
preprocessing checkbutton.n tk/widgets/checkbutton
preprocessing chooseColor.n tk/widgets/tk_chooseColor
preprocessing clipboard.n tk/control/clipboard
preprocessing destroy.n tk/control/destroy
preprocessing dialog.n tk/widgets/tk_dialog
Error: /usr/share/man/man1/man.1.gz
No manual entry for macros
while executing
"exec man -w $section $manPage"
(procedure "CopyManPage" line 6)
invoked from within"CopyManPage [lindex $line 1] $outFH"
(".so*" arm line 2)
invoked from within
"switch -glob -- $line {
.so* {
CopyManPage [lindex $line 1] $outFH
.SH* {
puts $..."
(procedure "CopyManPage" line 23)
invoked from within
"CopyManPage [lindex $ent 0] $tmpFH"
(procedure "ProcessManFile" line 5)
invoked from within
"ProcessManFile $ent $tmpFH"
(procedure "GenInputFile" line 8)
invoked from within
"GenInputFile $manInfoTbl $tmpFile"
(file "/usr/ports/lang/tclX/work/tclx8.3.5/unix/tools/bldmanhelp" line 152)
*** Error code 255

Stop in /usr/ports/lang/tclX/work/tclx8.3.5/tk/unix.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/lang/tclX/work/tclx8.3.5/unix.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/lang/tclX.

Be nice to use squil again so I look at the entries before deleting them (Taking up 30GB).