July 29th, 2004, 05:36
I'm fairly new with the BSD, but a long-time user of the Windows, and try as I might I haven't found any clear cut way of authenticating logins from a central server. The windows domain setup(install, create account, join computer) is so non-trivial I guess I've gotten lazy... ;0) Anyways, any help at all at having a variety of BSD and potentially linux(if possible) -boxen authenticate centrally of links of that nature GREATLY appreciated! Also, I wonder if this could be done towards a Windows domain controller/SAMBA domain controller? I suspect not though...

Thanks in advance!

July 29th, 2004, 06:38
well there's yp, radius and of course ldap all will handle this.

July 29th, 2004, 08:50
I haven't had a chance to play with it yet, but that's supposed to allow your *nix logins to be authenticated against an SMB domain controller.