August 7th, 2004, 04:02
I've just gotten another computer together which I intend to make into a webserver and I wonder if anyone's had any experience with Shuttle XPC's and FreeBSD? I assume (perhaps na´vly, hence the question) that since it has a regular nForce chipset that everything should work fine, though I'm worried slightly by the onboard Lan, should this also pick up just fine? I fired up the openBSD installer on it yesterday before I'd decided with BSD to go with and it found most of the nForce stuff just fine, but any words of wisdom or reassurances are greatly appreciated!

August 8th, 2004, 11:23
Well, to answer my own question to some degree, it seems to work just fine. The only trouble is you need nvnet to get the network going, which is in ports.

Of course I downloaded the mini-inst, so now I'm downloading ports.tar.gz to burn to a new cd... That's what you get for cutting corners I guess. Oh well. I'll update later when/if I get the rest going(or if I fail horribly... ;0)

August 8th, 2004, 12:20
Well now I guess we all know. I also think that those nics are supported with project evil. Project Evil is the win NDISulator for FreeBSD, I had to use it to get my broacom nics working in my new Dell d600.