December 2nd, 2002, 01:52
So - I have a Toshiba Satellite 110cs. OK. pentium 100s with 32meg of ram, 1.2 gig hdds are not exactly the coolest piece of hardware to carry around. BUT - I could use it to browse the net from my living room ... or something. So - Does anyone have any experience with installing openBSD onto something like that. Any problems? etc. I had slackware 3.4 (i think it was 3.4 ... whatever .. phbt) on there some time ago (years). I've never installed X into a BSD system before .. just 4 boxes, only cli tho. To be honest .. I fear the toshiba display may be proove to be daunting .. SOooo ... offhand, what are peoples general exerience's with this kind of install?


December 2nd, 2002, 02:41
i use a compaq contura aero 33/c. that's 33 as in 486/33. OpenBSD 3.0-3.2 run fine on it... once i pulled out the hd (since there's no floppy/cd drive), installed onto the hd in a diff computer, then replaced the hd. as for X, i search google for an Xf86config, found someone running linux and lo and behold their Xf86cionfig file worked for me (with a few tweaks). point is, old hardware can work great.

you might want to compare your laptop to the Toshiba's listed at to see if the hardware is at all the same.

searching google finds this page -
so go for it and see if you can get OpenBSD working on there.

December 2nd, 2002, 10:52
I've got a couple of old toshiba Satellite's (not as old as yours) but older. I've had no problems getting Open or Free up and running. Both of my older toshiba laptops have some sort of ati card in them, so you might want to check to make sure that X 4.2 still has support or if you'll have to roll back to the 3.x branch. I seem to remember on one of my toshiba's I had to roll back to 3.x, it's been a while. I use it to look up recipies in the kitchen. So your idea is well founded.

Those older laptops also come in nice say, if you have a wireless card, a bike, and a backpack. But I wouldn't know anything about that sort of thing. ;)

Good Luck statik, let us know how it goes.

December 4th, 2002, 15:33
How's this coming, any luck so far?

March 16th, 2003, 20:46
2 months later ...

oh yea .. install looked to be flawless with the exception of a few million bad sectors .. But, its functioning. I'll try and pick up a new laptop gig drive sometime in the next week or two ... i'll keep ya posted! Hah.. Hopefully the frequency between my posts will be shorter ...

March 16th, 2003, 22:50
Holy Crap he lives!