September 20th, 2004, 01:34
Does anyone know of any Prism2 based USB 802.11g cards that work well with OSX? Apparently my Airport Extreme will not allow passive scanning, and that is quite annoying. Be nice to see some good results from KisMAC.

September 20th, 2004, 07:10
I don't know of any 802.11g cards that'll work, but I have a Netgear USB MA111 (Prism2) that works very well with KisMAC.

September 20th, 2004, 11:18
Thanks for the tip. I'll add that one to my list of supported 802.11b cards.

I've read about several USB 802.11b cards that work. I guess there aren't many that have tried the 802.11g cards. I just might chance it with a 802.11g prism2 card, and hope for the best.