September 20th, 2004, 08:33

I am aware that this is not 'the way to go' with OpenBSD. I will try to explain why I ask this. I have got an old laptop (compaq presario 1260) in which I would like to test this OS. Unfortunately, it does not have an onboard network controller, and its pccard bus is fskded :(. I do have an usb ethernet controller which does work (pegasus chip) in linux/netbsd. According to google, it should work with openbsd as well. In fact, during the install boot I see that it is 'seen' by dmesg, but it cannot load the driver because it is not in the small iso provided by openbsd.org. So I cannot complete the installation. Money is not a problem, if I like the OS I will definately buy a cd from the official sources, but I would like to try it first ;)

I have found an unofficial mirror for openbsd isos here:


and I was just wondering if this is a 'good' source for openbsd images. Anybody has gotten its unofficial iso image thru this channel?

September 20th, 2004, 11:13
I usually just use the floppy images, or the official boot ISO for installs. Generally they have all the ethernet drivers you would need. You might give them try, and see if it sees your NIC from there. If not, you can always download all the packages and burn them to CD for your install vs. the network install.

September 20th, 2004, 11:15
You might try making your own iso, its not too hard...

September 20th, 2004, 12:03
I can't speak for the validity of that source but I'll ditto the "make your own iso" idea. I think there's a thread on it in this forum even.