August 8th, 2002, 21:11
Lots of new faces signing up, I used to send personal welcome messages to each user of course that was when I had like 8 users. So I figured I'd put one here.

Welcome everyone, it is my hope that everyone will find something useful here at some point or another, this site has been nothing more than a personal project for me and a few friends up until now. I'm not really sure how this got posted on deadly.org but if it can help some people out I'm glad it got posted.

To let everyone know, I'm no genius, I have never, nor will I ever, claim to be one. I am simply a meager SysAdmin who fell in love with the BSD family of Operating Systems. This site in its current form actually got started to help a couple of buddies of mine who were running linux, transition smoothly to BSD. I wanted to create a forum where they could go and ask questions and not be afraid of the response that they might get. That is the spirit that makes up this website. It pleases me to see that it is that spirit that has hopefully brought many of you here.

Shuold you ever need something from me personally please feel free to pm/e-mail me with what ever question you have. I'll try to get to you as expeditiously as possible.

See you in the forums.