September 21st, 2004, 13:40
Since I have fully migrated from my Windows box to my FreeBSD box here at work, I need to do a few additional things to my system, to make sure i have access to a few additional servers on the network.

I havea WindowsNT server (yes, the old ancient stuff) and a couple of samba servers on the network that are being used as file servers. I have already compiled smbfs into my kernel and I can access the servers as well as mount the shares to my workstation.

One thing I was thinking of doing was maybe putting an icon on my desktop that is linked to my mounted shares. That way, if I need to quickly get to the server, I can just click on the icon and im there.

Im currently using WindowMaker as my windowmanager and really enjoy it.

I was hoping some people here would share their ideas about ways of using icons (or no icons for that matter) so I can quickly gain access to these servers.

Any particular port that could be used for this? I want to say I saw something called gdesktoplets or something that is used for desktop stuff.

ANyway, I look forward to your thoughts.