October 6th, 2004, 15:34
Hey guys/Gals, I have a quick question. We have a web server serving static pages (SunOne), that someone thought should be secure HTTPS. No problem. So they publish pamphlets, and documentation telling everyone to access the site via https. Still with me? Okay so a few weeks ago they decided it would be a great thing to move the server to another server and make is HTTP. So now we have a ton of folks out there trying to access the site via HTTPS instead of HTTP.
Question is there anyway to allow the initial connection to be made via HTTPS and then redirected to HTTP without installing a certificate on the new server? I had my network guy try dumping all incoming traffic to 443 over to 80, but that didn't seem to work.

October 6th, 2004, 21:50
Hmmm... I think the easiest thing to do would be to stick a self-signed cert on there, if pulling the cert from the old web server is a real pain.

October 7th, 2004, 14:06
I figured that. Its just we are using Sun Java Web Server and the instructions are less than crystal. In fact the online information concerning the generation of self signed certs comes from the Mozilla site - not Suns!

October 7th, 2004, 23:44
Ahh, there's always a wrinkle of complexity in there somewhere... What about setting up a new web server with re-directs on both https and http to the Sun server and just giving the new box the DNS entry of the old one? Or does that break all kinds of stuff?

I know the name on the certificate won't match the name of the server anymore...

October 8th, 2004, 10:56
Yeah I thought about this as well. The certificate check doesn't matter since they'll be redirected anyway. I just thought it would be as simple as telling https packets coming into the router from outside to go to port 80 inside. But thats doesn't seem to work. Thanks. I think I'll just slog thru the Sun website to figure out how to make the self-signed cert. Thanks.