October 15th, 2004, 11:02
"What's new?
- Vexec: Mostly rewritten. Now uses hash tables to store data,
introducing O(1) performance in best case and O(n) where 'n' is
number of inodes that produce same hash on a given device in worst

Noting the recent collision discovery in SHA-0, it's worth
mentioning that Vexec offers 6 hash types (MD5, SHA1, SHA256,
SHA384, SHA512, and RMD160 - all hash types supported by the OpenBSD
3.6 kernel) and it's design allows easy extensions for adding new
hash types, if required. (read NEW_HASH)

- Privacy: More privacy features. Namely, there are hooks in netstat,
w, who, last, and finger. The output is filtered according to the
features status.

- The trustcheck(2) syscall has been removed; now interaction with
Stephanie's settings - including trust status of current process -
is done solely using sysctl."