October 19th, 2004, 04:26
Ive been having problems with the "New Posts" thing for a while, but I havnt been able to pin point it. It finally just hit me (and I feel very stupid for not getting it sooner). It seems that If there are 2 new threads, and I click one and reply, then click new posts it will only show the thread I replied to, not the other unread thread.

Has anyone else had this happen?

P.S. - The latest post thing on the front page shows news articles that are not yet approved, and when clicked on them gives an error message about being unable to find the link.

Molo, youre favorite critic

October 19th, 2004, 09:59
"New Posts" is highly suspect code. I've always had intermittent results with it. It's somehow cookie/session based and easily confused. As soon as it thinks you are in a new session, it wipes out the new posts info.

I recommend you use an RSS feed reader and use that for new post indication. That's what I use now and it's 100% reliable.

October 19th, 2004, 13:50
Hmm I use it to tell me when there is a new post, Ill start using RSS to tell me what that post is now too :>
What client do you use?

October 19th, 2004, 14:06
On Mac OS X: NetNewsWire Lite (Beta)
On FreeBSD: Forumzilla plugin inside of Thunderbird

October 19th, 2004, 16:22
Yeah the new post thing has been complained about extensively on the vBulletin boards. I believe they're working on it but apparently it's a fairly major code overhaul. Under the quick links bar I added new posts in the last 24 hours a while back which I use quite extensively.