October 19th, 2004, 04:30
This is a belated announcement of the new ``/usr/ports/UPDATING'' file.
Like its counterpart in /usr/src, this file lists special updating
instructions and caveats. Each entry lists the date of the change, the
affected port(s), the author of that entry, as well as a description of
the change, and what must be done to properly update the port(s) in
question. For example,

--- Example begins here ---
AFFECTS: users of www/firefox

After upgrading to firefox-1.0.1.p, certain things such as extension/theme
[de]installation, and "Find On Page" may no longer work. You may also
notice an infinite loop when starting Firefox. If this happens, backup
~/.mozilla/firefox/*/bookmarks.html, and remove ~/.mozilla/firefox.
Afterward, Firefox should start up. You can then restore the bookmarks.html
file to the new ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default directory.
--- Example ends here ---

This file should be consulted before updating any ports.

In order to have the latest version of this file cvsup'd, be sure to
include either the ``ports-base'' or ``ports-all'' module in your ports
supfile. It is highly recommended to use ``ports-all'' whenever

If you have specific questions about an entry, email the AUTHOR listed
for that entry. If you have questions about the file itself, please


October 19th, 2004, 19:17
Strog pointed out to me this is a 7 month old change, but it was just mailed to -announce. Go figure. Late breaking news!