November 9th, 2004, 21:39
From announce@

"November 8, 2004

We are pleased to announce the official release of OpenBGPD 3.6.
This is our first formal release.

OpenBGPD is a fairly complete implementation of the Border Gateway
Protocol, Version 4, as described in RFC 1771. BGP is a protocol used
by routers to exchange routing information, and is one of the core
protocols of the Internet.

Highlights include:
-full support for the BGP protocol as defined in RFC 1771
-full support for tcp md5 signatures (RFC 2385)
-full ipsec integration, with both static and dynamic keying supported
-pf integration
-communities support (RFC 1997)
-route refresh (RFC 2918)
-capabilities advertisement (RFC 3392)
-low memory footprint: under 30 MB with one full-mesh session,
still under 40 MB for three
-kernel routing table can be coupled and decoupled any time
-easy, straightforward configuration language
-very good performance
-easy to use bgpctl program, to control bgpd at runtime
-complete and accurate manpages

OpenBGPD is in use in many production environments, with dozens to
hundreds of peers.

OpenBGPD 3.6 comes with OpenBSD 3.6, or can be downloaded seperately
from one of the mirrors listed at

OpenBGPD is developed as part of the OpenBSD project, which offers CDs,
T-Shirts and Posters. Sales of these items help funding OpenBGPD
development. Orders can be placed via

OpenBGPD is primarily written by Claudio Jeker and Henning Brauer.
Parts of the design were done by Andre Oppermann. Many thanks to him, the
whole OpenBSD developer base and especially Theo de Raadt for their
continued help and support.
Special Thanks to Ty Semaka for the graphics."

You can also check it out/get it at: