November 18th, 2004, 23:24
A favorable review of OpenBSD 3.6:


Nice to see a site which dedicates most of its news towards the linux community give a very favorable review to OpenBSD. Our favorite O.S.

November 19th, 2004, 20:12
Yes, nice review.

I thought that one thing was odd though: under "hands on" the author says, "I didn't have any multi-CPU systems running the new SMP support on either the AMD64 or i386 editions." Ok, fine. But then ...

In wrapping-up he says, "OpenBSD 3.6 is among the better AMD64 operating systems out there, which may make it a suitable server replacement for FreeBSD, which continues to suffer from a horrible AMD64 SMP implementation."

Eh? "May be a better AMD64 SMP server"? Based on what exactly? He didn't test it, so is he just parroting some unacknowledged source? This is the first public release of SMP on OpenBSD. SMP is hard. I know the OpenBSD guys are good, but I don't expect their SMP to just work 100% in rev 1.

Anyway, just my little quibble. :-)