December 18th, 2002, 22:36
Just found something that I LOVE, so I'd thought I would share. I've been using mozilla for a long time, but didn't know about this feature until today. So I figure maybe I'm not the only one who missed this...

You can set mozilla to kill all those nasty pop-up ads and windows that make surfing the net such a pain.

Go to Preferences, open up the Advanced area and choose "Scripts and Plugins". The window has an area called "Allow scripts to" or "Allow Websites to" (depends on the version, its the same place). Click off the "Open unrequested windows". That's it, you'll have pop-up free surfing from now on.

Think your mozilla has to be version 1.1 and above, works great with my native freebsd build of mozilla 1.2. This option is not available in Netscape, just mozilla.

Very Cool, just thought I'd share cause I've been using mozilla for a long time and missed that this had been added. A really great feature, it calms my nerves...


December 19th, 2002, 09:11
Yeah, this is a great feature. Shame Mozilla doesn't run on OpenBSD :(

December 19th, 2002, 17:09
Seems that it can run OpenBSD now. No packages and you will compile it yourself but if you really want it. I'm not running X on any OpenBSD right now so I can't really test how stable it is.

Netscape 7.01 finally put this functionality back in so if you have Linux, Windows, Mac or want to run it with compat libraries on your BSD box then you can kill popups with netscape. Still no OpenBSD though

Konqueror has good popup killer but it kills all popups requested or not. You can specify by site whether you want popups or not. :roll:

December 19th, 2002, 17:14
where's the option to kill popups in konquerer?

December 19th, 2002, 17:36
I generally use Mozilla as my primary browser but I use konqueror more and more though. Seems there's new option called smart that tries to stop malicious popups.

Look at the javascript options

December 19th, 2002, 18:20
I've been running Opera (almost exclusively) for about a year now .. And I must say, its excellent. There was some early speed bumps with javascript, but it has since been remedied.

I really recomend people trying out Opera .. you'd be surprised at the speed, and the stability it offers.


February 6th, 2003, 16:12
To kill popups under konqueror go to settings->configure konqueror, on the left pane go to java & java script then click on the java script tab and use the smart option this will kill( most ) pop ups. In the case that anyone does not know how to do this, I know this works under 3.0.5 and 3.1.0 though I am not certain about earlier versions.