December 21st, 2002, 20:53
The first time I came here I automaticly left, see, I looked at the front and it was just so, well, "basic" I'm not saying I could do better... :D But I think you should upgrade it a bit, for one, what really ticks me off is the Image, you made it 300 by 300 but it's much bigger than that and it looks pixaleted, you should use the full image it will look much better and make me much happier... :). Also perhaps use something like e107 (http://www.e107.org/) for the front page I think it would make alot of people think higher of the site ;). Also what you could do gain some popularity is be a mirror for a popular FAQ or something like that or even write your own and release it here ;). Just my 2 cents....

December 22nd, 2002, 20:14
Thanks for you suggestion. I've often thought about doing something with the frontpage. However, I don;t know that an entire CMS system is what's needed. I've played around with most CMS systems out there and while I like them I just don't know that that's what's needed on the frontpage. I have thought about moving the forums onto the frontpage but I don't know if I like that idea either. I do think something needs to be on the front page other than what I have now. Something elegant. I do like your idea about mirroring the FAQ's out there. I also like the idea of making screamingelectron a one stop shop, meaning it's the only place one needs to go to find all the needed documentation to setup any *BSD from the ground up.

Does anyone else here have any suggestions for what should go on the front page?

December 22nd, 2002, 21:13
You know how there are XML/PHP/etc. newsfeeds taht put stuff on the frontpage. Like there are XML news feeds for sourceforge.net and php.net that display news, perhaps if there is something like that on BSD we can do that... Putting links to articles and FAQ's and info will definatly attract people to come to your site again and again for more info daily (kinda like people go do slashdot again and again because it's updated daily...).. If I were you ( well for one I would feel very sorry for you... :P) I would get a good proffesional looking template, and upgrade the front page...

December 23rd, 2002, 01:50
Anyone else want to make a comment here?

December 23rd, 2002, 03:33
Smeh. i could care less .. I suppose a flashy image has the ability to attract people. i'll be here either way (for better or for worse) .. I am kind of attached to the 4 color, semi-retarded dizzy blue beach ball - (It is a beach ball right?). OK yes ... the logo resembles clip art .. but who cares really? Hah!

Sure - you know .. i'm not artist .. But maybe there is someone out there that is - so .. maybe taking peoples submissions over the next 6 months.. and then have a vote ... nothing to be terribly concerned about tho ...

i'm drunk.


December 24th, 2002, 15:34
I think a nice front page is a nice thing to do, but not absoulutely necessary at all. I agree with vlad that his tool mentioned would greatly add quality, but then in turn, would create alot of work that may need to be filled with a body or two to support it. If the assistance is out there, then by all means go for it. Else, get to it when you get to it.

December 26th, 2002, 18:47
the header on any page takes up most of a single page when viewed at 640x480 in IE, win98, which is the res and OS ive been using for the past couple weeks while using internet cafe´s throughout Peru. that means less info is initially presented to the viewer. for usability, presenting as much as possible upfront is a good thing, so i think it would help if the header graphic were half-size.

May 22nd, 2003, 09:38
disclaimer: im an image nazi, i hate the buggers and insist all sites i oversee be lynx compat. that being said...


May 22nd, 2003, 13:27
heh i was just on here yesterday using lynx.. i like it when sites are lynx friendly also..