December 28th, 2004, 15:04
Sorry this is so late, for some reason gmail thinks Theo giving up on mount_union is spam.

"union mounting is now officially unsupported. we give up. in 15 years
of hacking, noone has gotten it working bug free. it is time we gave up
and mark it unuseable."

He exapands on that when asked if nullfs is unsupported too:


We've tried for years. It is obvious that the locking mechanisms of
the vfs layer were never fully purified for these filsystems, and
never will be, and 15 years of turd polishing has only made it
marginally better. Meaning, that for all operating systems groups who
have such a thing, weird things happen which make the filesystem
behave not quite like a filesystem, and even leading to crashes.

It is time to cut our losses. Go ahead, use the code, it is in our
tree still, but if you file a bug report against the code, it never
lead to a fix anymore, only towards those of us leaning to finally
once and for all delete the stuff from our tree.

Much as some of you are addicted to it, that crap stands in the way of
quality. It's tendrals have made the real filesystems we depend on
lower quality."

This is from around Dec 5,