December 31st, 2004, 04:23
I went to install the hlserver-dod port, and came across several files I had to download manually. Unfortunatly, there is one I can seem to get a hold of. hlds- The FTP sites in the Makefile are password protected, and in German, so downloading from there doesn't seem to be much of an option. I've looked everywhere for this file, and haven't found a thing. Does anyone have a copy, or know where to get one so I can install this? Is there a way to install a different version and update it later? TIA

December 31st, 2004, 11:45
search google for that filename, you might find it.
I think that the makefile might be br0ke in there, because I don't think that is the correct filename for the hlserver binary (which is what I think you are getting there)
have you gone into /usr/ports/games/hlserver and done a 'make install clean' (or whatever you do to install stuff)? That should tell you you need to download some files manually, and extract them into /usr/ports/distfiles,
and then you should go to /usr/ports/games/hlserver-<modname> (in your case, hlserver-dod) and make install clean there, then you should be good....but I havent tried it yet, so I will check it out
If it helps you at all, here is an older guide i wrote to setting up a CS 1.5 server on freebsd....the part about getting hlds/hlserver installed would be the same for you, the only difference is you will be installing a different mod...

if you need any help, drop me an email or talk to me in #SE, I might be able to help more :)

happy new year (well 14 hours!)