January 2nd, 2005, 08:06
After the upgrade, I moved the mysql database over, and had no issues with my phpBB forums. Since I overwrote my pkg dir, I unlinked the /var/db dir from my backup drive and just linked the mysql folder (my /var is too small. That is why I'm linking). Now after reviving the pkg database, phpBB is showing a blank page on all my forums. I have php4 installed, mysql40, and the php4-extensions (everything from when it did work). I used the same httpd.conf that was backed up, and unmodified from the reinstalls. Everything else seems to work, the galleries, and the SSL pages, just not the forums. There isn't a PHP error, or a MySQL error, so I'll at least ruling PHP out. I'm sure it's something in the /var/db that is missing, but wanted to post incase anyone else needed the answer to this issue.