January 1st, 2003, 06:34
Just wanted to let people who are running 5.0 rc2, know of this bug that I ran into (at least on my system). I did a 'startx', and logged into GNOME 2 (forgot I had it set for a user). After it loaded, I logged out from the panel, and then it went blank, and froze. The two "3-finger-salutes" did nothing.

I power down manually *eek*, and start again. Once the loader got to the fs check, it couldn't even find 'fsck', then it couldn't load certain files out of the '/etc', and then couldn't find the shell command.

Did a manual 'fsck' from the shell it provided, and fixed my blocks/nodes. Rebooted, and loaded fine. Went back into GNOME 2, to see if I found a bug, and sure enough. It instantly started complaining about gnome-panel dying, and still couldn't load it, over and over again. Did the "3-finger backspace salute", and it didn't lock.

To my surpirse it didn't leave a core dump at all. So far this is the only major bug I've found. Other crashes are just from either misc KDE apps, that segfault regardless, and one time in 'sysinstall' which didn't do anything but close the app.