January 15th, 2005, 04:05
Bluetooth support for OpenBSD.

"CVSROOT: /cvs
Module name: src
Changes by: 2005/01/14 05:04:02

Modified files:
sys/conf : files
sys/kern : uipc_domain.c
sys/net : if.c if_types.h netisr.h netisr_dispatch.h
sys/sys : malloc.h socket.h
Added files:
sys/netbt : bluetooth.h bt.h bt_input.c bt_proto.c bt_var.h
h4.h hci.h hci_raw.c hci_var.h l2cap.h
l2cap_var.h rfcomm_var.h

Log message:
First step in Bluetooth protocol stack support.

The code is adopted from the FreeBSD netgraph-based Bluetooth
implementation by Maksim Yevmenkin <> but
all netgraph glue was replaced with usual BSD network stack
hooks. This is a work in progress. Only HCI layer works for now,
L2CAP and RFCOMM are on the way.

Help in testing from many, ok markus@."

Im looking forward to when I can use bluetooth and gprs to browse the web will my cellphone :)
Thanks to undeadly, again.