January 30th, 2005, 18:27
I just finsihed setting up an rsync tunnel from a client to a backup sever. I can rsync with root and sync the files without any issues. Unfortunatly, when I use the new user I made "backup" I get errors when trying to keep the permissions, users and groups of the files. The files being backed up are Windows shared files, and all users/groups are numbers. I'd like to be able to sync with the backup account so that I can throw it in a cron job each week, and not have to worry about the backup server being comprimised. I set the root backup directory to have the backup user as the owner, and the root group (which backup is a part of). Any ideas how I can make backup a bit more powerful?

One more thing, I also tried to rsync to the backup user's home dir, and had the same issues.