February 14th, 2005, 13:52
I would like to dual boot FreeBSD 5.3 which I am currently running on a new drive I just installed and XP ( I know I hate the thought of it) on my old HD which I currently have a backup of my BSD system on. I would like to use FreeBSD boot manager which I believe is installed on my new drive.

I've searched previous threads and still a little confused.


February 14th, 2005, 18:00
I prefer to just use GAG ( instead of messing around too much with bootloaders. It's so fast and easy and still very flexible.

If you move the XP disk to a location other than where it was installed then you might need to adjust the ARC path ( I'd probably try it before messing with your boot.ini. :wink:

February 15th, 2005, 00:38
Well after a few minutes of "sweating it out" I installed GAG without a hitch,what a great tool. Good advice Strog!

Ok now on my second drive "ad1" 80gig, do I install XP first then partition, or slice the rest for UFS, 40 gig is my target. With the disk label editor in "sysinstall".

Thanx for the help!