January 10th, 2003, 17:10

i'm trying to help the mac guy here make a MacOS X (10.2) bootable cd.

he's found this doc - but it covers 10.1 and an essential command has changed between versions (mkextcache(8) has changed to kextcache(8)).

this command needs to be changed from the original sheet:
sudo mkextcache -t ppc -d \
/Volumes/Rescue/System/Library/Extensions \
-o /Volumes/Rescue2/System/Library/Extensions.mkext

i've tried running:
kextcache -a ppc -m /Volumes/Rescue/System/Library/Extensions.mkext /Volumes/Rescue/System/Library/Extensions

but this gives authentication errors. running with the -z gives the same errors. instead i've tried running this:
kextcache -a ppc -m /Volumes/Rescue/System/Library/Extensions.mkext /System/Library/Extensions

but the cd boots and then hangs. any ideas on what the problem is with what i'm trying? any other docs i should try?

fyi, the image creation steps specified in the aforementioned doc didnt work. needed to use disk copy, change prefs to make a master cd/dvd, then make the blank image. at least i think that's what happened, most of the time i'm just on the phone with the mac guy and using gui's is so foreign to me...

any help appreciated.

January 10th, 2003, 17:22
Ive never tried anything like this myself, but I can point you to some people that use OS X.2 quite a bit. Head over to #sclug on
Most of the guys in the lug have powerbooks or towers and dual/triple boot osx.linux.bsd. :roll:

January 10th, 2003, 21:59
Is a dual-HFS out of the question?