April 13th, 2005, 12:52

I'd like to announce that I'm stepping down from the FreeBSD Core
team. After several months and much thought, I've decided to re-focus
on where my passions lie, which is release engineering and development.
I intend to remain just as visible in the project as I was before the
last election, so please don't think that I'm moving on from FreeBSD.
Quite the opposite is true, in fact. The remaining Core members are
doing a good job of handling the issues of the project, and as per
the by-laws there will not be any action to fill my vacancy at this

There is no conspiracy here. It's simply a recognition that I was
wearing too many hats, and that some of those hats didn't fit as
comfortably as others. I hope to become more productive in FreeBSD
in the near future; my decision has already given me more time and
energy to work on things like driver locking and ATAPICAM, and I
have some very interesting projects starting in the background that
I'm very excited about.

Many thanks to those who supported me and my time on team.