May 2nd, 2005, 12:01
Well, here I am again trying sharity for mounting a SMB share. I'm guessing most people don't have any issues mouting shares at home and such. Here's my issue. I've tried to mount shares on servers with Active Deirectory. The first server took some trial and error, and actually moutned with the user set at the group Guests. :Eyecrazy:

I have no idea why it moutned with a group as a user. Well, here I am again, trying to do the same thing with another AD full 2003 Server. The trick from the first didn't work. I'm guessing I'll probably have to setup NFS on it, but if anyone can provide any input for a resolution, please do. TIA

May 3rd, 2005, 00:50
Ok. So now it's getting even more weird. Check the event logs, and the user with the pass, machine trust account, and domain is logging in just fine. Everytime I try to mount, I get the permission denied [13] error. Over and over! :321:

So I check the shared folder. Permissions are set to give full access to admins (which is one of the users I'm trying to mount with), and make sure that the share name is right. Each time, I type:

shlight //server/share /backup -W domain -U administrator

No go. Even adding the -C , "-s servernetbiosname" , "-c machinetrustnetbiosname" , and even using various other admin accounts gets no where. I checked the perms on the folder that I was trying to mount to, just in case. 755!

Anyone ever seen this before at all?

May 3rd, 2005, 23:05
No. I've only used sharity with a standard PDC. Maybe I'll ask my NT admin to play around with AD and my sharity server at work and see what he comes up with.