May 11th, 2005, 14:26
I noticed this on Freshports ( and thought I'd pass it along. I noticed it installs 7174 on 5.3 and later and 6113 on everything else.


" Log:
Long anticipated update to version 1.0-7174, the latest from nVidia.

Release Highlights:

* Supports FreeBSD 5-STABLE (5.3-RELEASE or later). For FreeBSD 4.x
and 5.2.1 users we stick to previous version (6113), since 7174 does
not play nicely with legacy FreeBSD releases
* Added support for the latest NVIDIA GPUs, including the GeForce 6600
and 6200 with TurboCache(TM)
* Added support for the KSE threading libraries

Prodded by: many
Tested by: several
Tested on: FreeBSD 4.11 and 5.3"

Full commit message (

May 11th, 2005, 19:04
That's great! Anyone got any idea if these drivers will work on FBSD 6.*? I tried to install them about a week back or so and the drivers would not compile, and even after alittle massaging made my kernel panic. I'd like to try 6.* again, but don't know if they mean 5.3 and greater in the 5.* line or 5.3 and greater where greater is infinite. :smile:

May 11th, 2005, 20:32
If it's less than 503000 then it's 6113. Everything above gets 7174.

.if ${OSVERSION} < 503000
EXTRA_PATCHES+= 6113-patch-src::nvidia_pci.c
PLIST_SUB+= DIFFS="@comment "

I'd give it a shot. You can always drop back to the nv driver but gl screensavers would be nice if it works. :biggrin: