June 22nd, 2005, 00:38
I've been looking for a cheap, easy to read temperature sensor for a while. I've also been looking to get back into electronics. Finding this kit ( solved both. It is a $25 serial interface to 4 temperature sensors, solder-it-yourself kit (comes with one sensor, additional sensors are $6).

It had been years since i last soldered anything, so it took me around 45 minutes to put together (especially since i also had to look up which end is which on some components), but the kit is quite straightforward to build. Reading the temperature is as simple as plugging the device in and using tip(1) to connect at 2400 8N1, the data from the device comes streaming out.

If you're just looking for an easy computer interface to temperature sensors, they also sell a (slightly different) pre-built kit ( And if you're looking for even more built-it-yourself kits, check out the rest of their offerings - they have audio kits, security kits, led kits, IO boards, etc etc.

I'm off to enjoy the 72.85F weather and the Piston's win.

June 22nd, 2005, 19:23
Great find, frisco -- <poink> right into the bookmarks. Thanks!

BTW, if you are into audio and music electronics, check out PAiA Electronics

They've been in business since 1967 (yipes! almost 40 years!) and their designs and kits are very cool.

June 30th, 2005, 06:01
Very cool. Thanks for the links.