June 22nd, 2005, 01:50
For some reason I'm not able to mount with NFS on my Soekris image. Evertime I get:

mount_nfs: /nfsshare Filesystem not supported by kernel

I checked my Soekris kernel vs. the GENERIC, and didn't see anything. I'm guessing there is a module hiding somewhere like FreeBSD's "option NFS"?

June 22nd, 2005, 12:41
$ egrep '(include|NFS)' /usr/src/sys/arch/i386/conf/GENERIC
include "../../../conf/GENERIC"
$ egrep '(include|NFS)' /usr/src/sys/conf/GENERIC
option NFSCLIENT # Network File System client
option NFSSERVER # Network File System server
#option KERNFS # /kern

I think 'option NFSSERVER' may require 'option NFSCLIENT'.

June 22nd, 2005, 13:08
Bah. Ok. Then I just need NFSCLIENT. Cool man. Thanx a ton frisco. Now I wonder about my GENERIC. Still can't find it with a /NFS in vi. :confused:

Oh well, I'll just add it. Thanx again. :biggrin: